3 Pillars Project
3 Pillars Project
3 Pillars Project
3 Pillars Project
3 Pillars Project

Headshot Case Study

I was approached by Mike and Rebecca to help them produce professional headshots and video for the charity that they were establishing - The 3 Pillars Project.

Mike is a former army officer and Rebecca a barrister so professionalism is important to them. They are pitching for opportunities to work within the justice system to provide positive role models for those who need it.

The three of us spent time discussing exactly what they wanted, how they wanted to come across to their prospective clients and partners and then set about delivering on it.

We produced short sharp videos which they use on their website and intro presentations which provide a clear insight to what they are about.

On the headshots, we wanted to produce personable looks and simple images of them in a natural environment. I'm pleased with how these have turned out and look forward to working with them again soon.


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