What happens on shoot?

Generally speaking I take a very similar approach with each of my clients and it won't surprise you to know that my primary focus goes on delivering them exactly what they want. But I also want to give them new ideas and make suggestions of what I've seen out there and what I've tried with other clients that's worked.

Each client is different - and that's so important to me to recognise - some have no idea what they want and others are crystal clear about what they believe their images should look like.

What I've found is using a tool like Pinterest (see my link at the top), we can work together to populate a board which means when we get to a shoot, I am fully prepared to deliver on the ideas we've generated. It gives the client the opportunity to show me what they have in their mind, to cement ideas and to find new ones. It also gives me the chance to help them on that creative journey.

Below you'll find some photographs from shoots but also how I've worked with that client. You'll also find a little testimonial from them as a client always says it best!


Fitness Studio Case Study


Headshot Case Study



Team Sports Case Study


Sports Event Case Study


Events Case Study


Headshots & Food + Nutrition Case Study