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Twist (again!)


Personal Trainer Case Study

I'd worked with Ollie through Reach Fitness previously and I was pleased to hear from him when he was looking to update his website.

Ollie had some clear ideas on what he wanted to have on his site - a showcase of him in the Reach Fitness Gym doing his favourite exercises and 'at work' with a client.

Due to the planning we did, the shoot was easy to execute on. We had 6-8 exercises planned, 2 rooms, some solo, some joint and some of his client on her own. Without being rushed, we worked through the ideas and I went away ready to edit.

When I sat down with the unedited photos, I was delighted with what I saw - some great action shots and some really good headshots and posed images.

Once Ollie had chosen his final selection, I went through a final edit and I was delighted to supply Ollie with shots he was very pleased with.

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